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Technology changes the future! TXGA customized medical connectors help equipment innovation

The biggest advantage of custom connectors is that they can take into account multiple requirements, such as electrical performance requirements proposed by electrical engineers, mechanical requirements proposed by mechanical engineers, safety and reliability requirements proposed by safety engineers, and the final application environment. This is a huge challenge for connector manufacturers' research and development capabilities.

Why is your pin header connector so expensive?

The pin number of the pin header determines the most important current and information transmission capacity of the connector. In general, the more PIN pins, the more expensive the connector and the better the transmission effect. Of course, you will also find that this is not inevitable, for example, some 12PIN will be more expensive than 16pin or even 24pin.

Usb connector use skills in extreme environments

This situation mainly occurs in spacecraft, environmental detectors, and other equipment that may face the test of sudden changes in temperature. Sudden changes in temperature may cause cracks or delamination of insulating materials, so it is necessary to select connectors that have passed the rapid temperature change test.

How to avoid buying defective products when purchasing industrial plug connectors?

Provide a variety of industrial plug connector products, online platforms, manufacturers' self-operated, professionally respond to high voltage, high current, harsh environment and other connection challenges, high-quality craftsmanship, stable quality, enter to learn more.

Compact and high mobility design requires the support of fpc connector

It has the characteristics of high cable density, lightness and thinness, so it is called flexible circuit board, flexible printed circuit board or flexible circuit board. Most FPC connectors are made of polyimide (PI) or polyester film (PET). In order to enhance its thin and durable characteristics.

Non-porous phones are coming? Will mobile phone USB be eliminated?

The main force of mobile phone data transmission is no longer USB. As long as there is a signal, data can be transmitted between mobile devices. Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-FiDirect, AirDrop... It has become less and less common that data needs to be transferred via USB.
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